Disappointing Sunday

Today, 7th February 2010.

I went to somewhere at 10.o0

I'm having a date with someone.Afternoon sempat kot.

At 1.00 i'm home.

The Someone going out with some friends.

It is 3:34 p.m.

I'm starving.

I taught today will be a day to remember.

Yeah it's a day to remember.The other way to remember.

No cheer, no smile.

No date for today.

But it's ok with few bundle pants and shirts.

What a Day!~

4 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

sabo je lew ek!

[z@ck] berkata...

weyh..pi dating x ajak..

hans berkata...


Awang Buncit berkata...

oit zarep..sila tgk blog saya pulak..muahaha..

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